Dynamo Metal Fest​ aims to be an environment friendly festival. Because of this, we are working with a deposit system with our drinking cups. This means that the first time you buy a drink, you will pay two tokens. One token counts as the deposit for the plastic cup. Whenever you get a new drink, you give the people at the bar a new taken and your cup, to get a new drink.

You can exchange your cup for a token any time of the day and any left-over tokens, you can exchange for money at one of the registers. It will also be possible to donate your cup to a charity foundation: the Plastic Soup foundation. The final option is to to trade your hard, plastic cup for a soft cup with a new drink at the bar from 22:30 onwards (until the festival ends at 23:00).

Important: there will be no cardboard drinking tray’s available at the festival this year. How can you carry an amount of beer that doesn’t fit in two hands, you may ask? You can buy a plastic tray (which you can use more than once) for one coin.