On July 14th, 2018 it’s time for the next edition of Dynamo Metal Fest! The line-up of the festival is nearly complete with Ghost as headliner, Ministry, Sons Of Apollo, Overkill, Annihilator, I Am Morbid, Leprous, Iron Reagan and Elephant. A ticket for the festival is 28,50 EUR, including a service fee of EUR 3,50. Dynamo Metal Fest is held at the IJssportcentrum (ice skating rink) in Eindhoven. Tickets are available here.

Dynamo Metal Fest 2017 was sold out completely. 10.000 metalheads gathered at the Ijssportcentrum to enjoy the following acts: Gojira, Testament, Devin Townsend Project, Exodus, Entombed A.D., PRONG, ToxiK, VUUR and the opener of the day, White Boy Wasted.

Have you not attended the previous editions and are you wondering what Dynamo Metal Fest is all about?
The semi-covered ice-skating rank in the south of Eindhoven is very convenient when it comes to the weather; when it’s raining it will offer you shelter and if the sun is out you can lay down in the grass beneath the open part of the roof. If it’s too hot, the roof will provide you with plenty of shadow to cool down. In 2015 the first edition of the festival took place, which featured the following bands: Arch Enemy, Death Angel, Nuclear Assault, Biohazard, Alestorm, Orange Goblin, Bodyfarm and Facelifter. For a ticket price of 25 EUR we can’t offer you Metallica. However, what we can offer you is 9 awesome bands with something in it for everyone: young, old, thrash, death, hardcore; you name it. A place for (new) talent. Sounds good, right? We’d like to welcome you on July 14th, 2018!

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Pre-order tokens for Dynamo Metal Fest 2018!

Buy your tokens for Dynamo Metal Fest 2018 in advance! You can either buy 20 or 40 tokens in advance. They will be available for pick-up at a special counter with your e-ticket. You won’t have to wait in line and you’ll be able to get your drinks asap. Also, you will get a discount when you buy your tokens in advance.

When you buy 20 tokens, you will pay €52,50. When you buy 40 tokens, you will pay €104,50. There is a service fee of 75 cents and a transaction fee of maximum 60 cents or + 5.00% of total price and € 0.50 (depending on the transaction provider)

Time Table Dynamo Metal Fest

The time table for Dynamo Metal Fest has been published. The doors will open at 10.00, so everyone who wants to see the first bands, can enter the festival grounds earlier. Don’t wait ”til the last moment with buying your ticket, you might be too late. See you July 14!

Dynamo Metal Fest Preparty

For the visitors from abroad: the line-up for the preparty in the venue Dynamo and Café The Jack have been announced. On Friday, July 13, Evil Invaders (OFFICIAL), Skeletonwitch, Extremities, Thrashcan and Gorefunest – Gorefest Tribute will kick off your festival weekend. Tickets are on sale now!

Elephant opens Dynamo Metal Fest 2018

About 90 bands from the Netherlands signed up for the Dynamo Band Battle, the battle where it is decided who will open Dynamo Metal Fest on July 14th. The winner would join the ranks of Facelifter (2105), Extremities (2016) and White Boy Wasted (2017), who opened the festival in the past years. On Friday April 6th, five bands competed for the opening slot: Morvigor, Temple Renegade, Elephant, Super Star Gods and Infernum. The jury spoke and Elephant was crowned as the winner.

The Belgian post hardcore band will be the first to enter the stage at Dynamo Metal Fest. Be sure to check out the music of the band here. The line-up of the festival is now complete, with Ghost, Ministry, Sons Of Apollo, Overkill, Annihilator, Leprous, I Am Morbid, Iron Reagan and Elephant. Get your tickets for the festival at Ticketmaster.

Iron Reagan to play Dynamo Metal Fest

A couple of days ago, it was announced that Havok has cancelled their performance at Dynamo Metal Fest. A replacement has been found, the American thrash/crossover band Iron Reagan.

Iron Reagan is comprised of veterans Tony Foresta, Phil Hall, Mark Bronzino, Rob Skotis, and Ryan Parrish, between them they fill, or have filled the ranks of Municipal Waste, Cannabis Corpse, Mammoth Grinder, Darkest Hour and more. Therefore the musicians are no strangers to the art of playing crossover thrash. Iron Reagan was formed in 2012 and the band released their debut full-length, Worse Than Dead, in 2013. Fast forward to 2017, when the five piece released the latest studio album Crossover Ministry. These anthems of pure punk-metal fury, catchy riffs and mosh-ready grooves will have you in the pit in no time!

The following bands have been confirmed for the festival so far: Ghost, Ministry, Sons Of Apollo, Overkill, Annihilator, Leprous, I Am Morbid and Iron Reagan. One more name will be added to the line-up: the opener of the festival, thus the winner of the band battle.

Tickets for Dynamo Metal Fest 2018 are available on Ticketmaster. A ticket is 25 EUR and 2,50 EUR service fees are added to that. Dynamo Metal Fest will take place on the 14th of July, on the ice skating rink in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. You can buy tickets here.

Tickets Shuttle Bus Dynamo Metal Fest 2018

Are you coming to Dynamo Metal Fest 2018 by public transportation and are you searching for a way to get to the festival area? The organisation Eventtrip is hosting shuttle busses from Eindhoven central station to the festival grounds. You can buy a single ticket online for €3,47 EUR and a return ticket for €4,97 EUR. You can buy tickets here . You can also buy tickets for the shuttle bus in the bus on the day of the festival.



The Swedish metal band Ghost will headline Dynamo Metal Fest 2018. The band was formed in 2008 and features front man Papa Emeritus and musicians who are known as the Nameless Ghouls. The debut album Opus Eponymous (2010) received a nomination for a Grammy in the category ‘Best Hard Rock’ record. The following records Infestissumam (2013) and Meliora (2015) were also well received. The band members of Ghost mimic the Roman Catholic Church but have reversed the image to worship Satan instead of the Holy Trinity. Recently the band ‘parted’ with vocalist Papa Emeritus who was replaced by Papa Emeritus Zero, who from now on will lead the heavy metal mass.


Dynamo Metal Fest wouldn’t be the same without some top notch Thrash Metal bands taking the stage. Overkill’s music is guaranteed to make you headbang and it will surely bring along a great moshpit. The five musicians, including Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth and D.D. Verni who have been part of the band since the very beginning, will make the crowd go crazy with their fast riffs and loud drums, especially with their newest release The Grinding Wheel. There aren’t many bands in the Metal scene that get as much respect as these Americans.

I Am Morbid

Former Morbid Angel frontman/bassist David Vincent and drummer Tim Yeung have been performing as I am Morbid (named after the most popular song of the American band) since the beginning of 2017. They are playing the best songs from their legendary albums ‘Altars of Madness’ (1989), ‘Blessed Are The Sick’ (1991) and ‘Covenant’ (1993). I Am Morbid has performed several times in the Netherlands last year and the band always gives an amazing show with nothing but classics. It seems they will be going to the studio in this formation, so hopefully we’ll soon have another solid death metal album.


Industrial Metalband Ministry was founded in 1981 by Al Jourgenson and is known for being one of the pioneers of the Industrial Metal/Rock genre. In the early 90’s the band had their breakthrough with the album Psalm 69, and especially their song ‘Jesus Built My Hotrod’ was a big hit. Throughout the years, Ministry experiences multiple line-up changes as well as the tragic passing of guitarist Mike Scaccia. Jourgenson takes a break multiple times, but always returns to the music. In 2018 the band will release a new album called AMERIKKKANT. The first song, ‘Antifa’, has already been released and we can’t wait for the entire album!


In Canada they too understand the art of making bad ass metal. For this reason, one of the ‘Canadian Big Four’ (aside from Sacrifice, Voivod and Razor) will play Dynamo Metal Fest in 2018. Obviously, we’re talking about Annihilator! Every Thrash Metal fanatic knows the albums Alice in Hell (1989) and Never, Neverland (1990) with its glorious, groovy riffs and razor sharp songs. However, their more recent material is just as good: on their latest record For The Demented (2017), you also hear plenty of fierce guitar parts and edgy solo’s. Fronted by the charismatic founder Jeff Waters, Annihilator always delivers a tight show with the furiosity and energy of a band that’s just starting out.

Iron Reagan

The American band Iron Reagan is comprised of veterans Tony Foresta, Phil Hall, Mark Bronzino, Rob Skotis, and Ryan Parrish, between them they fill, or have filled the ranks of Municipal Waste, Cannabis Corpse, Mammoth Grinder, Darkest Hour and more. Therefore the musicians are no strangers to the art of playing crossover thrash. Iron Reagan was formed in 2012 and the band released their debut full-length, Worse Than Dead, in 2013. Fast forward to 2017, when the five piece released the latest studio album Crossover Ministry. These anthems of pure punk-metal fury, catchy riffs and mosh-ready grooves will have you in the pit in no time!

Sons Of Apollo

The name might not ring a bell right away, but that will change soon. The progressive metal band consists of top notch musicians such as Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater), Derek Sherinian (ex-Dream Theater), Jeff Scott Soto (ex-Journey, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, Trans-Siberian Orchestra), Billy Sheehan (Mr Big, ex-David Lee Roth) en Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (ex-Guns N’ Roses). The debut album Psychotic Symphony has just been released and it sounds great, so we are looking forward to see how these guys will do at Dynamo Metal Fest 2018.


The progressive metal band Leprous from Norway is a rising star in the of progressive metal genre. Their albums ‘Bilateral’ (2011), and ‘Coal’ (2013) have received a lot of praise from the International Metal press and from fans, and Leprous toured with great acts like Devin Townsend and Therion. In August of 2017 they released their most recent album, called ‘Malina’. These Norwegians never repeat themselves and this is certainly true for latest studio album. Get ready for a varied set from this band!



A regular ticket for Dynamo Metal Fest is 28,50 EUR, including a service fee of 3,50 EUR. Get your tickets here . Dynamo Metal Fest 2018 will take place on the 14th of July, 2018 at the Ice skating rink in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Festival area and times

The festival is held at the ice-skating rink of IJsportcentrum Eindhoven, located on the Antoon Coolenlaan in the south of Eindhoven. Click HERE for a map of the area. The time table has been published and the festival area will open at 10:00 in the morning.

Spending the night

Do you want to party all night long? Or are you a foreign visitor? There are several options for you to spend the night in Eindhoven. There are enough hotels in and around the center of Eindhoven that offer rooms in different price categories. Check out booking.com.

There is no camping area near or on the festivalsite. Camping in non designated areas is not allowed of course. Luckily, Eindhoven has several campings on the outskirts of town. Most of them are only 15-20 minutes away from the festival area by taxi. Closest one to the festival site is: Camping Witven.

Public Transportation

Are you coming to Dynamo Metal Fest by public transportation and are you searching for a way to get to the festival area? The organisation Eventtrip is hosting shuttle busses from Eindhoven central station to the festival grounds. You can buy a single ticket online for €3,47 EUR and a return ticket for €4,97 EUR. You can buy tickets here . You can also buy tickets for the shuttle bus in the bus on the day of the festival.

Regular busses
From NS station Eindhoven, bus 407 will take you to the bus stop of the Genneper Parken on the Antoon Coolenlaan. From this bus stop, you’ll walk to the IJssportcentrum in a few minutes. Buses 171 and 172 take you to the Floralaan, from which it’s around 10 minutes to the entrance. Bus 7 stops at the Florapark, which is located 15 minutes from the Antoon Coolenlaan.

Last Trains
Eindhoven is connected to the NS nightnet. Check www.9292ov.nl for more travel information.


Genneper Parken, the place which the IJssportcentrum is situated, is adjacent to bypass N2. It’s important that you take this route from A58, A2 or A67 on time. If you’re coming to the festival by car, you have to take Exit 33 from bypass N2; Waalre/Valkenswaard. Afterwards you follow ‘Genneper Parken’. After around 500 meters you’ll arrive at the first stoplights, where you have to go left. This will take you to the spacious, free parking spots of the area. IJssportcentrum Eindhoven is at a walking distance from where you’ll be able to park your car.

Your bicycle can be parked next to the IJssportcentrum in the unsupervised bicycle park. Visitors coming to Dynamo Metal Fest by bike can also use the bicycle parking spots of the central parking at the IJssportcenturm Eindhoven and at Nationaal Zwemcentrum de Tongelreep.

Food and Drinks

Food and Drinks
At Dynamo Metal Fest you pay for your food and drinks using tokens. These cost €2,75 each. One beer costs 1 token, plus one token as deposit for your cup, which you can get back later. We will also make sure there is a variation of warm and cold foods available, as well as options for vegetarians. Food will also be paid for using tokens. These tokens can be bought at the cash register, where you can pay using cash or your debit card. At the festival grounds there won’t be an ATM available. Please note: tokens from Dynamo (the venue) are not valid at Dynamo Metal Fest.

Deposit system

Deposit system
At Dynamo Metal Fest, we are working with a deposit system for our plastic cups. This means that the first time you buy a drink, you will pay two tokens. One token counts as the deposit for the plastic cup. Whenever you get a new drink, you give the people at the bar a new taken and your cup, to get a new drink. You can exchange your cup for a token any time of the day and any left-over tokens, you can exchange at one of the registers. The other option is to trade in your hard, plastic cup for a soft cup with a new drink at the bar from 22:30 onwards.

Left-over tokens
If you have tokens left over at the end of the festival, you can exchange them at one of the registers for cash or donate the cup to charity, or, at the end of the evening from 22:30 on, you can trade in your hard, plastic cup for a soft cup with a drink at the bar.

Festival Rules

Party Hard!
Dynamo Metal Fest is fully organized by volunteers. So be nice to everyone, everybody wants to make this a successful event. If the weather is warm, do not forget to eat and drink enough water. Take care of yourself and the people around you. Don’t forget your earplugs! The organization of Dynamo Metal Fest works hard to book the best bands around. But we cannot prevent musicians from breaking bones or cancelled tours. Therefore we do NOT have a policy that we refund your money if your favorite groups cancels. If this happens, the entrance fee is peanuts compared to others and it will still be a great party!

Other rules
– You cannot bring glass, cans and your own food and drinks. Flagpoles with flags, umbrella’s, (walking) sticks/crutches (unless for medical reasons), weapons, pets, (hard)drugs, spray cans are not allowed. If you want to film or photograph, please contact us. Without accreditation, you are not allowed on the festival area with camera and/or film equipment.

– You can bring normal photo cameras, small cans of deodorant, spike necklaces and pants chains. Are you in doubt about whether or not you can bring something or someone? Please contact us.

– Police, security and volunteers will be present to supervise the festival, for your own safety. We expect you to cooperate with them, follow their instructions and cooperate when they check your bags at the entrance of the festival.

– Due to security issues, if you leave the festival area, you can’t re-enter. In = in, out = out

– Age limit: everybody is welcome on Dynamo Metal Fest. If you are not 16 yet, you are allowed on the festival area with adult supervision. Because of the sound volume and the expected crowds, we advise you not to bring young children or baby’s to the festival. Stubborn? At least make sure that they have protection for their ears! There is no discount for children, you pay the full price for them.

– You can only drink alcohol if you are 18 years or older. When in doubt, the bar personnel will ask you for your ID. If you did not bring your ID to show when asked, you will have to drink lemonade.

– Rain or Shine: umbrellas are annoying because they block the sight of the people behind you. Therefore we do not allow umbrellas on the festival area. If it pours from the majestic night sky you can get a poncho at the merchandise stand. If it is scouring hot, we’ll provide extra water and some ice cream. Do not forget your sun glasses, a headpiece and sun protection cream.

– Since we have to clean the festival area ourselves, we do not allow that you leave behind tons of flyers. Putting a poster upon the fence is no problem. If you want to flyer outside of the festival ground, you must ask permission at the city council of Eindhoven. Cleaning up is something you’d have to do yourself. It is forbidden to sell products at the festival area without permission from the organization of Dynamo Metal Fest.

– No pets. If you are dependable on a guide dog, you can bring it. However, for the sake of the animal we advise you not do this.

– We do not like trouble. There will be no climbing in the fences or on the stage. Destruction of property will be handled by the police. Theft (pick pockets), intimidation and fights will also be handled by the police.

Some extra rules

Police, security and extra volunteers will keep an eye out for your safety during the festival. We expect you to cooperate with us when it comes to possible bag checks at the entrance or when security gives you certain instructions.

To limit queues and waiting times, we have a simple policy at the entrance; your ticket will be scanned and you’re allowed to go inside. You will not receive a wristband or anything of the sort. Because of requests from the municipality and the police, we stick to this policy of inside = inside and outside = outside. In other words: we’re expecting you to stay at the festival grounds until you go home; you don’t leave during the festival with the intention of coming back again. This is not possible anyway, since you don’t have a wristband and your ticket can’t be scanned more than once. Make sure you don’t leave anything in the car. At the festival anything you might need will be available; food, drinks, free water, earplugs and sunscreen. There are also lockers for your personal belongings.

Age Limit
Everyone is welcome at Dynamo Metal Fest. Are you under 16 years old? Then you have to be accompanied by an adult in order to get access to the festival grounds. Considering the volume of the sound and the expected number of people, we strongly discourage you to bring baby’s or young children to the festival. Stubborn? Then please, at the very least, make sure to bring sufficient hearing protection for your kids. And no, there isn’t a special kids’ discount; the ticket price of 25 EUR is for everyone.

You have to be 18 years or older to be allowed to drink beer. If you are 18+, if needed, you can get a wristband to proof that you are old enough to drink. These are available at the infodesk, all you have to do is show your ID. Without the wristband you will not be able to order beer, even if the bartenders are hesitant about your age. Waving your ID in their faces is useless, so make sure you get a wristband!

Rain or Shine
Umbrella’s are very annoying, because they block the view of the people behind you. This is why you are not allowed to bring them. If it’s raining a lot, you can get a poncho at the merch booth. In case of very warm weather, we’ll make sure there is extra water and ice cream available. If this is the case, please don’t forget your sunglasses, hat and sunscreen.

We have to clean up the festival grounds, so it’s not allowed for visitors to leave behind loads of flyers. However, putting up a poster isn’t a problem. If you’d like to hand out flyers at the entrance, you have to ask us and the municipality of Eindhoven for permission in advance. The risk of having to clean it up is yours. Selling goods on the festival grounds without permission from the organization is strictly prohibited.

They might be very cute, but a festival isn’t the right place to take your pets. If you’re dependent on a guard dog, then you are obviously allowed to take it with you. However, -for the sake of the animal-, we highly discourage you to do so.

Hassles and Disturbances
That’s something we don’t like. Therefore, don’t climb the fences or onto the stage. Damages will be reported to the police, as well as theft (pickpockets!), intimidation and physical violence. In case of destruction, you will receive a bill for the damages done.

Things to leave at home:
Glass, cans, your own drinks and food, flagpoles with flags, umbrella’s, walking canes (except medical crutches), weapons, (hard)drugs, big (paint)spray cans and your pet. Do you want to come take videos/photos with professional (big) devices, then please fill out the accreditation form on the website.

You are allowed to bring:
Basic digital photo cameras, small bottles of deodorant, wristbands with spikes (unless they are sharp!) and chains that are attached to your jeans. Are you hesitant about whether or not you’re allowed to bring something or someone? Ask us!

Metal Market

Obviously there will also be a Metal market where you can buy the original Dynamo Metal Fest T-shirts, hoodies, caps and posters, as well as the official merchandise of the bands that are playing. Aside from this, there will be a few stands with CD’s, vinyl, T-shirts, patches and other trinkets from your favorite Metal bands. Lastly, there are some ‘clothing boutiques’ for the fashionable metalheads. Most sellers are willing to keep your items until the festival is over, so you won’t have to take your purchases into the pit. Make sure to bring enough cash, because not all sellers provide the possibility to pay by card! Are you a seller and would you like a spot on our Metal market? Send us a mail!


Dynamo Metal Fest is organized by Loud Noise.
Programming and organisation:
Tjerk Maas, Paul van Berlo and Sander Waterschoot
Volunteers: Erwin Restiau
Artwork and programming: Linda Posthuma
PR & marketing: Laetitia Abbenes and Rob van der Donk
Horeca: Niek van Rixel – Cafe the Jack
Catch crew: Giovanni Cox
Administration: Wendy Struijk
Band production: Ruben Langerak, Randy van Boxtel, Hylke Wiersma, Odet Rosenkrantz, Emmie Sonnemans
Stage management: Johan Koster
Production: Marcel Verheijen, Vera Streefland, Wouter van Doeveren
Security: HSG

It would not be possible to organize Dynamo Metal Fest without the help of our volunteers, and institutions and companies that are willing to help against a reduced fee.


Do you have questions, or do you want to give us feedback? We’d love to hear from you!

READ CAREFULLY: We receive a lot of press accreditation requests. Unfortunately we cannot honor every request. We take only take requests of relevant media in consideration. Freelancers or photographers who work for their own portfolio will be denied.

The application period for Dynamo Metal Fest will run from now, until July 2nd. Find the accreditation form here. Dynamo Metal Fest retains the right to deny press access to photographers and journalists. The amount of photo passes is limited, so they are only distributed to the relevant media. You will receive news about your accreditation on July 2nd the latest. After July 2nd, accreditations are NOT taken into consideration.

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